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Hawk Robotics : Wingspan, Team 7431


FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a program for students of all ages to gain experience in science, technology, and robotics which helps to prepare them for the future. FIRST offers 3 flagship programs which all challenge students to develop robots specifically designed to complete a task provided at the beginning of the season.

FIRST Website

What is FRC?

FRC is FIRST's main event. The highschool robotics competion and teams.The highschoolers are given 1-2 tasks that their robot must complete. The winner is decided on which robot completes the tasks and how well they are completed. For example; each robot will have to place as many balls into a box as possible in 30 seconds (1 point per ball) and make it back to the starting platform before the clock runs out for an addtional 5 points.

Our FRC team

That's right, Wingspan is an FRC team! We have competed in several Florida robotics competitions. To the left is a picture of our robot.

What is FLL?

FLL stands for FIRST lego league. It is just like the highschool FRC except for 5-6th graders in elementary school and with legos! Their build season runs from December to January and ends right when the FRC season starts. Unlike the highschool level FRC team where we are only given 1 or 2 objetives, the FLL teams are given 15-20 missions and they have to choose which tasks they want to build their robot to complete.

Our FLL teams

We have two FLL teams located at Viera elementary. They are the FALCLAAAWS in all caps with three A's (FLL team#58361) and the RoboPuffins (FLL team#58362). To the left is an example image of what a FLL lego robot might look like.

FLL Website